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Why is JUST Door County involved?

Why do YOU need to get involved?

Because these are true stories in Door County. Recently. Sadly.

A gay couple asked by staff to leave a hotel because their holding hands might make other guests uncomfortable. 

A woman accosted in a store for speaking Spanish to her elderly mother.

An African-American employee asked by a white customer not to handle her food.

A gentleman wearing a turban told, "We don't serve your 'kind' here."

We wish these were isolated incidents, but sadly, they are not. JUST Door County, Inc. has been informally gathering these stories for almost two years. More recently, we have begun to collect them more systematically through an Incident Report Form.
Most people have wonderful experiences living, working, and visiting in Door County, but some do not because of their race, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, disability, economic class, or perceived immigration status. 
This is not the Door County that we all love. We have it in our power to become a more deeply welcoming and inclusive community for everyone.
It will take self-reflection, commitment, and intention. And the will power to make it so. 
And we invite YOU to join us.

How do YOU want to participate?


There's LOTS of opportunities to get involved in JUST Door County! 

  • Facilitate at Community presentations & Talk-abouts

  • Read to youngsters & their families at Social Justice Storytime

  • Distribute hats, gloves, & scarves in our Warmth for Winter program

  • Choose & restock books on inclusion in our Social Justice Little Free Library in Sister Bay & around the peninsula

  • Organize or volunteer at Special Events & Exhibits

  • Host an informal Talk-about dinner to create a dialogue about inclusion with neighbors

  • Coordinate & create Fun-raising and Fundraising

  • Suggest or recruit businesses in our We Welcome ALL program

  • Help us tell our story through speaking engagements, website, newsletter, & social media

  • Join our Advisory Board or Board of Directors and help plan our future

Bring your own ideas, passion & experience!

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Volunteer of the Year!

Congratulations to Mary Sokolowski -

our 2019 Volunteer of the Year!!

Mary crocheted over 100 items for our Warmth for Winter program - helping to keep Door County folks toasty warm! This represents over 500 hours of crocheting!  

The Volunteer of the Year is announced at our Annual Meeting every January. YOU could be next!



Have you witnessed or experienced an incident of harassment or discrimination in Door County?

Click the form icon to the left to report an incident of harassment or discrimination that you experienced or witnessed in Door County. Incidents are NOT reported to

law enforcement. If you wish, you can remain anonymous.