Together, we can make a difference!

We know that you are committed to helping make Door County a strong, vibrant, and welcoming community. Yes, it's good business. But it's also about who we choose to be - as individuals and as a community of neighbors. We're here to help through education, intervention, and service.

Contact us for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. We'll talk with you, your staff, or your board about concrete actions you can take to make sure that everyone who walks through your door feels respected, welcomed, and valued. 

Not everything that is faced can be changed,

but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

James Baldwin

To schedule a complimentary consultation or to find out more about the services below.


Half-day and full-day workshops digging deep into ways to combat bias, prejudice, and discrimination while fostering  allyship, welcoming, and inclusion in Door County.

Staff Training

Specific and targeted strategies to help Door County businesses create a more inclusive work environment for employees and customers.

Speaking Engagements

Presentations to community groups, organizations, businesses, schools, and congregations who want to  learn more about inclusion in Door Coutny.


Giving back to our Door County community through Warmth for Winter, Social Justice Storytime, and Social Justice Little Free Library.

Community Discussions

Planting seeds of tolerance and inclusion through guided community discussions, book readings,

and talk-abouts.


Forging connections for greater collaboration among Door County's non-profit organizations, businesses, schools, and congregations.


Incident Reporting

Have you witnessed or experienced an incident of harassment or discrimination in Door County?


Have you witnessed or experienced an incident of harassment or discrimination in Door County?

Click the form icon to the left to report an incident of harassment or discrimination that you experienced or witnessed in Door County. Incidents are NOT reported to

law enforcement. If you wish, you can remain anonymous.